Dog Kennels Toronto

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Dog Kennels Toronto

Dog Kennels Toronto

How to Choose From the Numerous Dog Kennels in Toronto:

- Let’s face it, there are options for boarding your dog in Toronto on almost every corner in the city. While it can be difficult selecting from the high number of options, it becomes an easier task if you start by weeding out the fly-by-night facilities that were not here a year ago and won’t be here a year from now. When left with a handful of serious options, the only clear choice is Paws Playgrounds. If you’re looking for a facility that will provide your dog with the largest outdoor play area in Toronto, only Paws Playgrounds can meet the challenge. Along with one of the best parks in the region, Paws Playgrounds also offers affordable boarding for your dog while you’re away.

- Ask around. If your friends or family members have pets, find out where they’re taking their dogs for boarding while they’re out of town. Word of mouth is a great way to find out which facility is meeting the needs of their clients. If you live in Toronto, you’ll most likely find friends or neighbors who have used Paws Playgrounds as their boarder. If you like what you hear, feel free to visit the facility and take a tour of the grounds. We’re certain you’ll find it to be among the best dog kennels in Toronto. There’s simply substitution for a recommendation that comes from within the community where a facility is located.

- A few things to look for when touring a facility: cleanliness, a maintained temperature or place for pets to get out of the heat, adequate size, off-concrete resting areas, feeding policies, affordable rates, customized services, a caring staff. Your personal list may be more lengthy, depending on your standards of care for your pet, and that’s fine. Make certain the facility measures up to your expectations by bringing your list in and asking questions at your time of visit. Paws Playgrounds welcomes you to stop in when you’re in the area to check out their dog kennels in Toronto. As well, feel free to call the facility at 416-461-4788.

- Your dog needs regular mental and physical activity throughout the day while they are being boarded. Stop by in the daytime to see what other dogs are doing to get a better idea what your dog will be engaged with while you’re away. Activity does not have to be complicated. Simple activities like playing with the staff, walking, running, playing with toys, and other popular dog activities are often all that is necessary to keep your dog happy while away. Paws Playgrounds goes over and above the call of duty to ensure your dog stays physically active and mentally happy while staying at their facility. Check out their ‘Services/Prices’ link to find out more.

Choose the best among the numerous dog kennels in Toronto for your dog. That way you can rest easy knowing that even though you’re away from home, they’ll be loved, cared for, and kept busy throughout the duration of their stay. Trust the facility that strives to offer a better stay than any other dog boarding in Toronto.

Dog Kennels Toronto
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